@O2 cause a big blunder for the @TwitchHiker in the US

Oh Dear O2

Oh Dear O2

Paul (@TwitchHiker) is over in the US and as it transpires O2 sold him an iPhone 4 with out putting it on an iPhone tariff. His data has now been cut off, but the O2 twitter account is no use at all, neither is there website. After countless tweets between the two O2 still can’t provide Paul with the relevant international number for O2 customer services.

In my mind if your running a corporate twitter account you should know your way round the website and be able find helpful links for customers. @VodafoneUK is a prime example, the operatives know the website inside out and give clear and concise helpful advice and web links.

Twitter is a powerful media tool, reaching out to his world wide followers he now has the number for contacting O2 international customer services. But to be honest the first mistake for O2 was selling him an iPhone 4 and not putting it on an iPhone tariff.

So the O2 PR blunder is going from bad to worse. Question is, will Paul get his data reconnected, will O2 actually put more helpful contacts links/pages on there website ?

Who knows only time will tell…..

Check out Paul’s US activities on twitter @TwitchHiker

Here’s how it unfolded ….


A Tweeting apology from O2

A Tweeting apology from O2

A rather annoyed response from Paul

A rather annoyed response from Paul

Think I’m just a data abuser

SMS from Vodafone

SMS from Vodafone

Hmmm seem to be getting a lot of these lately, even with me abusing a lot of Wi-Fi. I guess I’m just a data whore lol.

I think my battery has had it too, 5 hours abuse from a full charge isn’t good. But I suppose when I’m tweeting from 3 twitter accounts (1 corporate & 2 personal), Gowalla, FaceBook with the odd bit of WordPress and Foursquare I suppose its to be expected.

BlackBerry Protect – Now available in App World (UK)

Having been part of the beta for this application since last year, I’ve been waiting for RIM to release it to the UK. Well Saturday even I got that email, saying it was going to be release to EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Asia). A lot of people on Twitter were jumping for joy as it was a very limited beta and were unable to test it. Some UK carriers didn’t have Protect authorised for App World, but as the week begins more of the UK carriers will lift the bar. If you want some piece of mind knowing you have a wireless backup for your device which includes contacts, calender entries, tasks, memos, browser bookmarks & text messages. BlackBerry have produced a help to get you started, It’s well worth a read if your interested in installing this application.

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BlackBerry® Protect is a free application designed to keep your information secure if your BlackBerry® smartphone goes missing. If you’re on an applicable consumer data plan (enterprise plans are not supported at this time), you can download BlackBerry Protect and then log into the website where you can lock, locate or wipe your smartphone from wherever you are. You can also choose to have your crucial data backed up wirelessly and automatically, as often as you choose (daily, weekly, or monthly).

Can’t find your BlackBerry? Go to www.blackberry.com/protect to
-Locate it on a map
-Set a password and lock it to protect your information
-Wipe all the contents
-Make your BlackBerry ring loudly to help find it
-Display a message on the homescreen instructing whoever finds it on how to return it

Wireless Backup and Restore
-Wirelessly back up contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages
-Automatically back up daily, weekly, or monthly
-Wirelessly restore your backed up data when switching to a new BlackBerry
-Save on data usage by:
-Only backing up information that has changed from the previous backup (incremental backups)
-Only backing up over WiFi
-Preventing backup while roaming

Important Notes
-BlackBerry Protect is free to all users on supported BlackBerry data plans. Contact your carrier to upgrade if your plan is not supported.
-BlackBerry Protect is not compatible with devices that use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.
-For support, visit: blackberry.com/support/software/protect

Are you Multi-lingual ??

Just had this email through from RIM asking if your knowledgeable in your languages. If your wanting to jump on the Beta band waggon then sign up for the BlackBerry Beta program and become a tester.

If your accepted, other applications will become available as and when they are available to either your device and/or country.

Safari update

Yes I know Apple sends out prompts, but I’m just testing something out ok.

Anyway Here is what the update consists of:-


Safari 5.0.4 Software Update:

This update contains improvements to stability, compatibility, and security, including the following:

– Improved compatibility with webpages with transition effects

– A fix for an issue that could cause some webpages to print with incorrect layouts

– A fix for an issue that could prevent HTML5 video from playing on http://www.youtube.com

– A fix for an issue that could cause content to display incorrectly on webpages with plug-ins

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit this site: Apple Support

BlackBerry iPad is the PlayBook

DevCon2010 this year has seen a preview of what RIM are preparing to launch into the tablet market. It packs a massive punch to the competition boasting multiple connections including a 1080p via a micro HDMI, a 7 inch capacitive LCD display with 1024 x 600 WSVGA.

[Mobile Viewing Link]

Check out the specs of the PlayBook below:

Screen: 7 inch capacitive LCD, 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution, with multi-touch
OS: BlackBerry Tablet OS
Processor: 1 GHz dual-core
Camera: 3 MP front camera, 5 MP rear camera with 1080p HD video recording
Video codec support: H.264, MPEG, DivX, WMV
Audio codec support: MP3, AAC, WMA
Wireless connections: 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Wired connections: microHDMI, microUSB, charging contacts
Dimensions: 5.1 x 7.6 x 0.4 inches (130mm x 193mm x 10mm)
Weight: 0.9 lb or 400g

RIM are currently saying that the PlayBook will eventually come out with 3G & 4G dependant on carrier compatibility. Another exciting announcement that all BlackBerry users were a little curious about is BBM. Because the PlayBook uses your BlackBerry device for data there is no need to tie yourself down to another contract although buying the device out right might be hard for some addicts. Speculations have priced it from $300 – $1400.

The Browser packs the best punch of all supporting Adobe Mobile AIR, Adobe Reader, POSIX , Open GL ans Java. To give the best possible browsing experience on a mobile device. The international rollout for the PlayBook won’t happen until Q2 2011, which means basically April or just after WES2011, sso expect your carriers to be promting it around March with a release date of around the end of April.

So after a brief run through here are a few pictures for you to drool over:-

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Mayor to a Nokia, How hard can it be ?

This morning VodafoneUK announced a contest to win one of 6 Nokia N8 devices just simply by being a mayor on Foursquare and holding the mayorship till the 6pm on the 2nd October 2010.

The Vodafone venues that you need to check in to are at the following stores:
London: Oxford Street Experience Store
Manchester: Market Street Experience Store
Leeds: 8-9 Commercial Street
Birmingham: New Street
Edinburgh: Princes Street
Glasgow: Buchanan St Experience Store

Each ‘Mayor’ of the above location at the time we close the Competition will win a Nokia N8 which is coming soon to Vodafone UK customers. An additional winner will win a Nokia N8 for the most creative “check in” (as determined by Promoter).

If your not a user of Foursquare you can sign up here, just link your Twitter and FaceBook accounts and away you go.

[Mobile Viewing Link]

Nothing could be simple, just keep check-ins up to date and no cheating, please read the terms and conditions of the contest to make sure you are eligible to play.

[Mobile Viewing Link]

Happy Foursquaring people and good luck 🙂

Check out some of the awesome videos Vodafone have produced for the Nokia N8

[Mobile Viewing Link]

[Mobile Viewing Link]

[Mobile Viewing Link]

[Mobile Viewing Link]

Vodafone UK BlackBerry Torch Pricing Leaked

Thanks to BBLeaks for the latest price leak from Vodafone. To be fair the tariff price against cost of handsets seems normal, with the prices ranging from free to £399.

So amongst all the mixed reviews that have been floating around the internet, is it still the ‘must have’ device ?

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The O2 Guru Team

I woke up this morning a surprising tweet from O2 saying that there ‘O2 Guru Team’ were right here in Manchester. Well I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to go and pick there brains, lol.

Finding O2 in the middle of Manchester wasn’t hard, you can hardly miss the big blue and white trailer. Finding somewhere to park was even harder and when I did £2.20 (daylight robbery, but that’s another blog). On entering the trailer I was greeted with a hand shake and asked if they could help, obviously straight away me being me I said show me your BlackBerry’s lmao. I sat down with one of O2’s guru’s and proceed to fire questions at him, I have a mind like a sieve and forget his name but he was very polite. He certainly knew his stuff about BlackBerry devices and BlackBerry 6, he did confirm that the BlackBerry 9800 was in testing with O2. Nothing I didn’t know already as it was at the London launch earlier this month. But one thing he did say is that the 9700 version of BlackBerry 6 was in testing with O2 guru’s and that they all carry BlackBerry 9700’s (and why wouldn’t they lol).

The concept of the Guru Team being on the streets is a good idea. Any curious questions which you just can’t be bothered staying on hold to customer services for can be answered their and then on the spot. They are not after touting for sales, it pure and simple help they offer. From “how do I send a text” to “backing up your data” and anything in between.

Although I love the concept of the 9800 I don’t think I’ll be getting one, other platforms offer better devices (in my opinion) at the moment. Its not that I have lost my love for BlackBerry. I just need a device that is more media orientated like the iFruit

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